CRISPIES write songs of desperation and the struggles of everyday life, pouring youthful energy into catchy pop melodies, all woven together with punk, electronic and trap instrumentals. Their debut album “Death Row Kids” (Seayou Records) was enthusiastically embraced by Austria’s FM4 and made the Viennese band one of the most talked about new artists in Austria. ‘Great sounds delivered with powerful energy’ was the common thread shared by their reviewers. To quote Noisey, “The Crispies are committed to good old rock - and put enough energy into their songs to operate a small power plant.”


In 2018 the band released their much anticipated follow-up album "Fake Leather”, leaving their home in Austria to take their powerful sound to the rest of Europe. In the words of Rolling Stone France, “The Crispies create their own style, a crazy alliance between old school rock, post punk and rap that will make you want to ramble all night long”.


2019 will bring new singles in the Spring and their third album in the Autumn, all supported by performances in venues and festivals around the world.

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